Hope is an 8-letter Word

I don’t know about you, but if you’re human, which I’d bet 10/10 of you are, than you probably feel hopeless and overcome by all the stress and worries that this world offers just as I am. Sometimes it seems to much to bear; but what I’m learning is the antidote to worry is often a good dose of hope. As I pondered hope I was drawn to the word eternity {hence the eight letters instead of five– so now you don’t have to comment and tell me I suck at math!} Anyway… I was drawn to the word eternity, right, yes. I began to break that apart and that is what you’re about to read.


PS. I’m not editing this because Jesus is telling me to share it in its raw, unedited, written on my smart phone note app at 2:19am, thank Jesus for autocorrect but…. Ugh.. imperfect state. So, please be kind!


Hope is an 8- letter Word- Blog


E- Enduring Love

As I began to write this first summary of eternity, I toyed between the ideas of enduring or endearing love. Both paint a beautiful picture of God’s love and vary ever so slightly. You see, endearing alludes to the wonderful nature of our Savior and eternal speaks to the lasting nature of the the word eternity. There is no end, and praise the Lord I received the free gift allowing me to spend all of for ever with my Best Friend, my Father.

T- Treasures Beyond Imagine

I know what you’re thinking. Treasures are not driving forces for life and will be given back to Jesus when we cast them at His feet. And you’re not wrong! Earthly treasures are not what matter most and yes, we will cast our treasures at Jesus feet. But what’s amazing is the Heavenly treasures are what we store up here on earth. We are richest in heaven when we have treasures to cast at His feet. Treasures today pale in comparison to what we will experience in Heaven.

E- Endless Worship

Worship here on this earth is one of God’s greatest gifts to me short of his love letter, the Bible, and gluten free dairy free doughnuts. {kidding, not kidding}. Seriously, though, none of the greatest worship singles that have ever been or ever will be, will compare to the worship that will be sung as a choir of The Church in Heaven. An eternity of that would be worth it all!

R- Redemption’s Evidence

There’s a saying that says something along the lines of “You may be the only Bible someone will ever read.” This really hits home as you put that statement in a eternal perspective. The idea that just by the way you live, without the need for even a single word, you have the possibility of seeing that person dancing beside you on the streets of gold, is awe inspiring and humbling. It also makes me excited to see how God has navigated the paths of strangers and families alike in ways we never saw coming. What will that “movie” of my/your life look like? Hmm…

N- New Glorified Bodies

CAN.I.GET.AN.AMEN. Oh my word I relate to this on ways it would literally take eternity to explain. I literally have goosebumps as I type this out. I don’t have to say much here, cause most of us could relate in some way shape or form. All I can say is if nothing else brings me hope, it’s this one. Thank You Jesus!

I- Immeasurable Joy

I am convinced that whoever said “Laughter is the best medicine.” was 100% right. I have learned a lot through my seven years of sickness and various life struggles, and one is that laughter is definitely healing to the bones. I have noticed considerable differences between seasons of joy and seasons of sorrow, and have vowed to never lose my joy even when happiness seems so hard to grasp. The future ahead brings me such joy!

T- Transformative Perspective

On this side of Heaven we often have short sided and self focused mindsets with temporary satisfaction in mind. When we get to eternity our focus will be on The One who we are worshiping. The temporal things we value now will mean nothing when we enter His presence. That is a weight off my shoulders that I don’t have to carry any more. Nothing except what I do to honor Him matters in light of eternity!

Y- YAWEH Himself

I promise this isn’t at the end for any particular reason expect that the word eternity ends in a y. {Take it up with Webster, not me!} I’d change it if I could because nothing matters without Him. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Him and believe it or not, you’re not either! When we get to Glory I can’t put into words or give justice to the amazement we will experience. All I can promise is that when we get there, we will be focused solely on Him and witness the effort we put into eternity today. Tomorrow. Next year and until the day we see Him face to face.

If that doesn’t give you hope, I don’t know what will!

{Please contact me here if you’d like to experience the free gift that is eternity. I can lead you to a Savior willing to offer you that gift.}

Thank you for the words Jesus.

Hope is an 8- letter Word- IG

Author: Emily Laniak

I am a 28 year young, candle loving, Jesus worshipping, creative entrepreneur, wife and proud dog mom. I am a chronic illness warrior by the grace of Jesus and my heart beats to worship Him.

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