Some Things Never Change

Change is a funny thing. I myself am not afraid of change. In my 26 years of living I have experienced my fair share of it and have come to accept it as part of the ebb and flow of life.

I’m not always particularly fond of the process of change or the feeling from the center of it, but it’s oddly necessary for growth.

As a society, things such as styles, entertainment, relationships and even what’s good for you and what’s bad change often quicker than you can adjust to the previous way of life.

You know what I’m talking about and most likely even thought of another example as you read the above paragraph.

Here’s the thing. In the face of change is imperative that you learn to adjust. Course correct, so to speak. And it’s rarely if ever easy to do.

We struggle along the journey wishing things were easier and more predictable.

I’m here to let you in on a little secret. We make it harder for ourselves than we have to.

I recently finished the reading the New Testament and the book of Psalms.

**Spoiler alert. You can have joy amidst your trials and
we win the final war. **

Anyways….A few days ago I started in the book of Genesis to read the Old Testament. As I reread the creation story and subsequent fall of humanity, I read it through fresh eyes. I really recognized the impact the enemy had on Eve.

He twisted God’s words just enough to plant doubt in her mind tricking her into believing she knew better than the Creator of the Universe.

Here’s the thing. Some things never change.

The devil is using the same tactics today against you and me. He wants us to doubt the words God has spoken to us through His Holy Spirit or His Holy Word.

He twists the words in just a way that we conjure it up in our minds to think we know better than God; or just as bad, he speaks into us leading us to believe lies about the character of God or even ourselves.

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Since the beginning of time, this hasn’t changed. So let’s recognize his tactics in our lives ahead of time and be on the defensive instead of offensive.

As I lay in bed last night, the Lord was gracious enough to reveal this truth to me.

You see, I am {with Jesus’s help} learning to recognize the enemy’s handiwork in my life so I’m no longer an easy target for his attacks.

As soon as negative thoughts and lies about my self-worth, my past, my future and a bunch of other ridiculousness began to flood my mind, His peace flooded my spirit as I began to recognize it all for what it really was. Attacks.

The same attacks that Eve felt as she stood in the shade of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. With apple in hand she didn’t see what was happening in that very moment.

But I can. And you can.

Life as she knew it was about to change. Her’s changed for the worse. What if ours changes for the better.

What would life look like if we didn’t succumb to his attacks because we finally realized that some things never change.

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